We are as one…

For days past I’ve been at war on social media. A keyboard warrior of sorts; I have my own agenda, with my own ideologies, on the back of my own values, in balance with my own stories and opinions. I type in a fervor, without unchecked ego. Each key stroke another blow, as I connect the letters to unite the words, to formulate the sentences, to compose the paragraphs. I have laid down my opponents from their imbecilic wake of arrogance, their illicit provocations, and their disillusions of reality in hopes that it penetrates them to the quick of their psyche. I desire their despair as it ever intensifies with each word they scrutinize.


Yet, it is all for not. As we may see images of one another, an icon on a screen, staring silently, or an image thought to convey our personification, with no semblance of personal perception. We may see snippets of conversations, fractions of ideas, blurbs of opinions, and we know not at all..



I will retract my letters, my words, my sentences and my paragraphs…as I will not waste my desire or despair on anonymity. I will not war with those that are not whole in my mind.



Never Alone

                                   Never Alone

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